Bread Breakers Sign-up — Bread Breakers is designed to provide an opportunity for our
members and visitors to share a meal and get to know each other. Bread Breakers are eight-person groups that meet for a meal in a host home. We are adding a family category for the spring sign-up. If you would like to host a family, please sign up as well. The sign-up sheet is
located on the visitor’s table in the Narthex to be a host or participant, or you may sign up on the church website at under the events tab. This is a one-time commitment. Those signing up will be divided into groups. The final list of groups will be sent to everyone. The host family will provide the meat and drinks and settle on a date agreeable to the participants, who bring the side dishes.  Contact Linda Jones (706-231-3758) or John Clark (706-394-0832) for additional information if needed.